Simon Says …Who Dares To Diva ?

PRESS RELEASE 03.07.2013

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Simon Says… Who Dares to Diva?

There’s more than just the music for those heading to Simon Says… at De Montfort Hall & Gardens this summer. We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be welcoming Dare to Diva, a cutting edge, innovative and culturally diverse arts company in Leicester to the event. They’ll be presenting WORD PLAY, an exciting diverse programme of spoken word, poetry and DJ music from some of Leicester’s finest wordsmiths.

WORD PLAY offers a wide range of live literature artists selected from various open mic spoken word and poetry stages from across Leicester. The line-up has been chosen by one of Leicester’s best known performance poets, Carol Leeming, and is set to include established performers from popular events such as Poetry Brothel UK & Brothellian Movement, WORD, Pinggg…K! and Shindig alongside larger events such as.Leicester Lyric Lounge and Everybody’s Reading Festival. We’ll also be welcoming Afro Space local DJ AJ to liven up the scene with an eclectic contemporary music mix.

The full Dare to Diva line-up is as follows:

Saturday 27th July 2013 

Bobba Cass
Gay grey poet, celebrates metrosexuality in verse and invites critiques of twenty-first century mindsets.

Jayne Stanton
Contemporary poetry exploring love & relationships, their darker side and all  that masquerades as love.

Liz Gray
Ranting from the heart, which mostly rhymes but occasionally – inexplicably – doesn’t.

MC Sly
Rap into poetry, poetry into art, likes to think of himself as a lyrical illustrator.

Tim Grayson
Brothellian Movement Champion, Host of Poetry Brothel he is largely inspired by torment, madness, decadence, honour & revolution.

Momodu Sallah
Protest poetry that captures life’s struggles against the backdrop of social injustices.

Pam Thompson
Contemporary, urban, frequently surreal, her poems explore & dissect the  language of mind and memory.

Boss Man The Orator
Prince Charming meets Gill Scott Heron powerful passionate poetry with a big heart.

Tracy Twell
Sublime, beautifully crafted and engaging poetry at its very best.

Simon Myhill
Dramatised, entertaining whimsical readings of popular authors with his own work on Leicester and its people.

AJ Afro Space DJ will also be playing music throughout Saturday evening.

Sunday 28th July 2013 

Richard Byrt
Humorous verse, & poetry inspired by gay men & the experience of adversity.

Kathleen Bell
Her poems conjure the worlds of mediaeval spinsters and stage magicians – and much more.

Mike Brewer
Possibly popular poetry for the populace.

Mellow Baku
Mellow Baku’s spoken words inspire, engage and provoke, for a deeply satisfying experience.

Beck Harris
Roughly cut expression of generalised dysphoria.

David Pollak
Mature artist on life, love and death, a variety of poetic & song forms: joy, sadness and of course sex!

Simon Says… takes place on Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July at De Montfort Hall & Gardens. With performances from the best of Leicester’s music scene including Young Knives, Uncle Frank and By The Rivers, there’ll be entertainment across both indoor and outdoor stages.

Tickets are priced at only £20 for the weekend and are available now from De Montfort Hall Box Office, Visit Leicester, The Donkey, Firebug, The Musician, 0116 233 3111 and  HYPERLINK “”