Reading Event: Choreopoem Love The Life You Life …Live The Life You Love by Carol Leeming

On Thursday Oct 2nd 2014, 7pm Embrace Arts Centre Leicester, there will be a Script In Hand Reading and Q&A for a brand new choreopoem text (dramatic monologue)  Love The Life You Live …Live the Life You Love by Carol Leeming. This new work, commissioned by Affective Digital Histories  Project Centre, for New Writing Leicester University, is the second part in a choreopoem trilogy, the first part being The Loneliness of The Long Distance Diva, (stage show with music, physical theatre & digital still moving visuals), that thrilled diverse packed audiences, for two nights at Curve theatre in 2012.

This new piece is the story of the character  Martin/Maz, who first appeared briefly, in the first  choreopoem, as  a friend of the main character Solitaire. Carol said: ‘whilst writing Solitaire’s story I often felt there was a strong story to tell about Martin/Maz, this was borne out after the show in 2012, when some audiences members wanted to know more about his character’.  This Reading and Q & A Event, will help Carol and Dare to Diva in the further development of the work, as to whether it is produced for stage or film or  indeed both. Carol plans to also write Elsie’s story, Solitaire’s stepmother, as the third and final choreopoem of the trilogy.  Carol is hoping I am hoping to attract, firstly people who attended the first show and/or participated in the production, of the first choreopoem at Curve 2012, to come to the reading, as well as a new audience the work.

Early booking advised limited places

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