Literary Leicester Podcast – Sue Townsend Event Hosted by Bali Rai

It is lovely to receive the podcast of the wonderful Event, part of Literary Leicester 2014.  An evening of  very pleasant recollections of fabulous local legendary writer Sue Townsend hosted by Bali Ra, with myself and Sue Townsend’s Illustrator of her much loved books. I speak about knowing her from the Highfields area of Leicester and later there is Q & A and  contributions from the audience.  At the end of it was so lovely to personally meet Sue’s Mother and other remembers of her family. A  very special and pleasing end Literary Leicester Festival. I have recently read the Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year and found myself laughing out loud, in cafes and on buses, causing people to look at me, so I just the wave the book at them giggling away…

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