Clearing House In Preparation for New Year! New Work & Learning Opportunities!


Like so many, I throughly enjoyed all the holiday celebrations and the wonderful relaxation and rest. Both a friend and myself are downsizing and clearing house in different ways…e.g. my diet and lifestyle are under some scrutiny for improvement. My friend has lent me books to read then pass on to others. So I began reading several books, Doris Lessing short stories, the fabulous ancestral  Mandinka  Story of Sundiata Keita of Mali – who was  a real ‘Lion’ King: African Treasury of African Writers – an anthology edited by Langston Hughes:, and currently The Third Life of Grange Copeland by Alice Walker. In between dipping into Fauverie a new exquisite poetry collection, by one of my favourite poets Pascale Petit .  I have started back at work with relish.  I plan to produce for stage/film my latest choreopoem as a priority, so a number meetings are being planned to do just that, starting with the theatre. Alongside a number of new writing projects which include research, and then writing the third in my trilogy of choreopoems  i.e. Elsie’s story.  In addition to a yarn about a an Elder Caribbean Ladies man, and a cautionary tale about a popular legendary drug. I’am so excited I have already dipped my toes and started writing prose, a short story, and surprised myself by throughly enjoying it  Next month at the Centre for New Writing Leicester University, I will take a class next month with a celebrated  Caribbean author, to learn more about short story writing – I can’t wait .  So onward and upward with all those ideas I often get for short stories… A productive time was had by me, carefully going through the my poem manuscripts. With a view to handing them on for others to have look at, to them prepare for publishing. I hope to build on the publishing course I attended last year and meet with publishing people. Now I have also acquired some nifty new script software, in preparation for a filmmaking course, I will be attending at Phoenix Square Leicester Leicester- make way for the  new auteur!