2 Funky Arts East Midlands Project Live 2015


Happy in my role as the Music Director, for the exciting  ACE funded East Midlands  2 Funky Arts Project  Live. I am pleased to report planning meetings have been held with the Project Leader Vijay, myself and a team of first class professional regional musicians, as part of the project, to work with promising group of young urban music artists to develop their songs for a Music Industry Showcase to be at the end of their program me. Along with the young people completing Arts Awards qualifications as part of their project programme.

Numerous applications have been received for this important opportunity, and the deadline has been extended into early August 2015, after a selection process of the artists, with panel members, Bizzi Dixon, Mellow Baku and DJ Yess, along  with the Project Leader and Music Director. Leading to a project start, later in the Autumn 2015. As part of the program me, music sessions/rehearsals together with music industry seminars will be held at the Music Cafe Braunstone Gate Leicester.


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