Workshop Leader LGBT Joined Up Creative Writing – supported by Bobba Cass Pinggg…K! & Lydia Towsey WORD!


LGBT Writing Free Writing sessions supported by WORD! funded by Awards For All were  series of six Workshops that took place between August to October 2015. With a number of stimuli to kickstart Workshop participants creative writing. Lydia Nibleys account of a hate crime and an exploration of the Two Spirits  tradition among the First Nation Peoples of North America. Along with Joelle Taylors poetry , Parvez Sharma’s A Jihad for Love , my own Workshop that looked at the idea of excess. Bobba Cass introduced the use of sonnets for his workshop. A film June Jordan’s  Wrong Is Not My Name followed by Toby Campion slam improvisation and Mandy Brook’s artworks. The program me also incorporated musical contributions from Paulo Carnoth on Drum and Marcus Joseph on Saxophone. The Workshop yielded a large number of poems, for the Workshop participants with only a small selection chosen for performance.

Culminating in what Bobba Cass calls A Poetry for Change, with participants performing as a Support Act at the Word Event Nov 3rd 2015 to a thrilled audience