TourDeMusic World Music Festival March 2016 Leicester

Carol Leeming, internationally  acclaimed uber diva,  will make a rare appearance to sing on Tuesday  March 8th 2016  at the Y theatre,  in the city of Leicester. In addition to leading a Vocal Workshop on Weds March 9th 3.30 -4.14pm venue tbc.  As part of  a new exciting World Music Festival,named TourDeMusic, for the city across several venues. Filling a gap in the music offer for Leicester, by offering diverse music, reflecting the different vibrant cultures in the city, organized by Students and Senior Staff of DMU Festival Management BA Degree Course

Carol will be performing classic Jamaican Folk Songs, with the Guinep Tree Band, featuring   Paddy Hodgkinson Guitar maestro & Marv Robinson on Percussion. The band is named after a slightly tart and popular  Jamaican Fruit. Carol notes, this reflects the bitter sweetness and humor, of the folk songs performed, as well as reflect the social history of  the people of Jamaica, thats needs to be more widely performed and kept for all future generations to enjoy.

See below for more info.

Info/Tickets Available:

Tour De Music E flyer IMG_5721.

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