Cosmopolitan Festival Sat Aug 27th Jubilee Square Leicester A Exciting Commission With Harp! A New Peoples Song by Carol Leeming & Line Up Of Artists

IMG_2879 Carol Leeming  Dare to Diva,  is currently enthusiastically working on a new commission to compose a song with some Spoken Word  with a brilliant Harpist, a long held aim to work with such a beautiful instrument – Carol says she want to create a ‘peoples song for troubling times to affirm positivity…’ Carol is  to perform as vocalist and orate , also to play African percussion, for this new specially commissioned music, along with an  inspired ensemble, of local gifted musical collaborators, for a truly amazing stage spectacle, with dance film projections and afterwards pyrotechnics, as part of the annual Cosmopolitan Festival August 27th 2016  Jubilee Square Leicester. The Cosmopolitan Festival will also include numerous other  activities both visual and performing arts, in the street/venues across the city centre throughout the event.

See the Leicester Cosmopolitan fantastic Line Up of Artists and Activities here:

The Projects’ other music artists for onstage, include a stunning array of excellent culturally diverse talent, lead composer & Sax Richard Everett, John Berkavitch Spoken Word, Miranda Booth Harpist,  Marcus Joseph Saxophonist,  Julie Maxwell.Trumpet, Mike Sole Pianist, Will Todd Bassist, Hari Trivedi Tabla Player and Malcolm D’Sa Drummer.

The project is commissioned by Leicesters’ visionary Artistic Director Amanda Leandro, of the hugely successful Cosmopolitan Festival, that has been running for for several years,  The Cosmopolitan  Festival programmes  a veritable host of Leicester culturally diverse arts and artists, it attracts as well as excites and delights, thousands and thousands of Leicester people, a truly diverse audience much like e.g. Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival. Cosmopolitan Festival also provides a much needed platform, for the very best of Leicesters’ host of stunning arts talent of all levels and experience. In addition to bringing innovative culturally diverse artists from other regions, and even internationally. Thus creating an important accessible artistic cultural legacy for the city.

Watch this space for further updates, on this brilliant visionary,exciting and amazing new art from Leicester’s finest artists, for the people of Leicester-its so about time !!!!!!











Project Live 2 Showcase Ends on Musical Climax

Project Live 2 Showcase image3.jpg

The 2 Funky Arts Project Live 2, came to an exciting musical climax after three months, delighting a full house audience, including music industry bookers producers and representative from Arts Council, on 30th June 2016 at 2 Funky Music Cafe in Leicester. All the Project Live 2 group of seven music artists which included singers singer/rappers: Dominique, Soach, AOI,Versay, Skeez and Soul Trada  and Khiry Francis, who were mentored on the project. By Music Director Carol Leeming, to help realise their own original music, into a live music format, with an excellent group of professional session musicians. Alongside Master Classes with top music industry professionals Yaw Playmakers Business,  Rukus Lyric Writing and Decypher Performance skills.   Carol stated the artists reflected a wide range of Urban music styles and demonstrated great musical talent. all of the artists had gain  much in terms of skills valuable experience and increased confidence.

Many of the artists that performed, not only impressed members of the public, but importantly the music industry professionals. Leading to real and firm interest/offers in booking for events and collaborations e.g. producers. Some of the artist biographies and contact details were also promoted at the event as there was a lot of networking happening.