Enchanter Carol Leeming Upstairs At The Western Theatre March 3rd 2017

On offer was a  song and percussion by /carol Leeming in Enchanter persona, followed by a screening of the ‘mesmerising’ Enchanter film poem. With audience Q & A with Carol Leeming of Dare to Diva and Rob Gurney on hand. The second half featured spirited  readings from Carol as the Enchanter, in full costume dress complete with large silver sequined hat. With book sales and signings at the end of the night.

There was a lively discussion around the style of the film poem, the African roots and the notion of people’s journeys in the introductory section, reflected in the style and musical presentation.With some audiences members explaining how they identified with the sentiments that were expressed.

There was further questions and discussion fro the audience, about the love song Habibi and the love poem  Drawing in the film poem. How these two things contrasted, with the look of the film poem, which is in black and white an was very much  influenced by German Expressionism.

See a review here:


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