Carol Leeming Wows with Cosmocular Ensemble World Music Fusion Band. At Cosmopolitan Festival & Welford Road HM Prison

IMG_1363.jpgCarol Leeming in the role of singer/song writer performed, to an appreciative July  2017 Cosmopolitan Festival audience  two scintillating new songs composition, with the 10 piece World Music fusion ensemble Cosmocular Ensemble. The songs River People and Sundance were commissioned by Cosmopolitan Arts Director Amanda Leandro and festival audience were both thrilled and excited and broke out into spontaneous dancing.

Carol also featured with the Cosmocular Ensemble for a very special performance that was held at HM Prison. The Ensemble headlined a week of music arts activities that had been held at the prison with the inmates and art workshop leaders. The initiative is part of a national program which aimed to improve morale overall in prisons and reduce violence and self harm.

In attendance at the Cosmocular performance, along with Prison Officer s and inmates was the Warden, who congratulated the Cosmocular Ensemble on an excellent performance. It was most appreciated by the inmates and Staff alike with a possible invitation to return next year.

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