Arts Consultancy – Creative Creatures Collective

Carol Leeming has been working as an Arts Consultant with the Leicester based Creative Creatures Collective. The group offer series a series of  locally published Children’s Animal Fable books, with illustrations, as well  offering as multi-disciplinary arts events for Parents and  Children based on the animal fables, across a range of venues.

Carol’s role is to help the Creative Creature , a culturally diverse six person arts collective, to continue to develop their multi-disciplinary  arts offer to Parents and children, as well as strategic development with a view to a future Arts Council England funding bid. Further support is given by Carol, to make links with key local arts organisations, to explore  and develop partnerships and strategic support, along with developing a relationship with De Montfort University. To scope out possibilities for Student involvement with their work, and  make contact with the ground-breaking Talent 25 Project, looking at Arts with Under -Fives and Parents, over 25 years in Leicester.

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