Carol Leeming MBE – One of the Contributors For An Important Black Arts & Culture Book by Serendipity Arts Launched Windrush Day 22nd 2020

04077_Serendipity_Reflections_Cover_Final-01-1536x1536Carol Leeming MBE is very proud to be one of the contributors, for an important book  published by Serendipity Arts  launched Windrush Day June 22nd 2020.  The book features a stellar group of contributors, as this new Serendipity Arts publication brings forth the contributions of Black people in Arts, Culture and Heritage, from a British and European perspective, rendering them visible. It explores historical and contemporary contexts and how these are expressed in various art forms. Reflections includes a paper by Professor Stephen Small which delves further into the cultural implications around Windrush.

All of the above with regard to this important publication, is most timely, with both the Celebration each year Windrush Day 22nd June and recent  shocking events that have re-invigorated the #BlackLivesMatter movement . This was triggered by the death of George Floyd  in USA, as a victim of Police Brutality, which led to continuing World wide protests. In addition to statements of solidarity, there have been strident calls for action to address longstanding issues of systemic racism, that impacts Black People in USA, Britain and elsewhere in the world.  The global conversation is underway in earnest, and its terms, the way it is articulated has changed, with more of a focus on White people to reflect and understand their white privilege thorough avid and appropriate reading and other resources: as to how they can  understand and change systems that perpetuate racism, inequality and disparities, together with being proactively anti-racist, across all areas of society of and how to be an ally to Black people, to implement strategies to challenge racism effectively.

This book will be a must have for those working  in Arts Culture & Heritage, both in academia and the sector. It has arrived at a time when the Arts Cultural & Heritage, is facing the challenge of the Covid 19, its current and  future impact. This pivotal moment therefore is a further opportunity, by arts cultural & Heritage institutions, to address the many decades of evidenced racism in the sector,  in terms of injustice, indifference and neglect, with regard to Black Arts Cultural & Heritage, its  critical role and contribution to 21st century Britain. Order the book here










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