#Black Lives Matter: Dare to Diva Statement & Anti-Racism Information Resources

#BlackLivesMatter Dare to Diva stands in solidarity, with all those who have lost their lives, along with  the suffering endured by their loved ones and communities. Due to police brutality and injustice.  The list is far too long, of Black People who have lost their lives, due to Police Brutality and Injustice, USA Ahmaud Aubrey George Floyd, Belly Mujinga, Breaonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, in the UK  Cherry Groce, Tony McDade, Mark Duggan, the list goes  on, with countless other cases, we haven’t heard about in the media.

This sadly continues to this very day. We all have to confront terrible manifestations, of wider systemic racism, anti-black racism coupled with white supremacy and white privilege.  We have piles of reports gathering dust, that evidence the inequality, disparities, and injustice,  Black deaths in police custody etc poor health and educational outcomes etc..  Her in Britain from over  many decades . It now time to change the conversation and take  action. To challenge and be proactively anti -racist  and make significant change now.

#The Black Lives Matter campaign continues it has been re -kindled, with the  recent world wide protests in the wake of the George Floyd killing by Police in USA. We need to ‘seize the time’ to maintain the momentum, long after the headlines of protests. With this in mind there are e links below this text, information resources to read and share with colleagues, associates and friends.

To educate ourselves further, to begin the the process of deep reflection, to be actively anti-racist, in what ever, context, sphere or way we can. especially in the arts cultural and heritage sector that i work in. There is also a template, for a letter to  the Education Minister Gavin Williamson, to  make for a Black Curriculum for all our children, to address Britain’s hidden historical narratives about itself as a nation. Now is the time!

Carol Leeming MBE FRSA  Director Dare to Diva

List of Resources BLM

List of Resources BLMLinks for White Allies

Will you contact Gavin Williamson



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