Live Streaming Success: Festival 2 Funky 2020 Launch Event with Host Carol Leeming

Festival 2 Funky 2020

The annual Festival 2 Funky 2020 funded by the Arts Council England, due the Covid 19 Lockdown, took place via live streaming in May 2020, and was very successful.  The Festival Launch Event featured an all Women  MOBO music programme, curated, hosted online, for the first time ever, by Carol Leeming MBE FRSA.  Three of the artists were also commissioned by 2Funky Arts to produce music, they also received mentoring from Carol to prepare for their Live stream performances on May 22nd for the Launch.

Live streaming presents, particular challenges to artists, in terms of their performance without a live audience, that artists are used to. In addition to the all the digital technicalities involved.  All the artists that took part, performed successfully and were able to engage with their own audiences, and stats show they also gained significant numbers in terms of new audiences. Importantly the artists confidence and performance abilities, were enhanced as a result, of taking on the challenge of performing for Live Streaming.

The current climate is very challenging, with some artists, arts organisations/groups facing financial hardship or closure due to the lockdown. It is becoming more clear, that performing artists, and arts organisations in general, are taking to live streaming their arts programmes, with events, webinars, video chats etc. In order to  survive, and continue to maintain their arts offer.  In addition for them to be able, to retain and connect with their audiences, and other arts colleagues/contacts. It is certainly likely to be part of the new normal, for some time, and for  when usual activities resume, hopefully after the Covid 19 pandemic is over.