Exciting Times Ahead Carol Leeming MBE FRSA Diary Dates & Great News!!!

For Carol Leeming MBE FRSA 2021 It has been quite a year all told all as with other people folks, with personal sad losses, upsets… however… 

Carol is now very pleased, so very excited to share her forthcoming Diary Dates.

Also thrillingly with London dates included

Carol is now just getting back to her passion her love of making her own art and commenting with others!!! 

Sept 15th Poet & Contributor Writers Mosaic Sonic Vibrations Project Launch & Party London Promoter Michael McMullin Khadija Ibrahim, Levi Tefari, Courtia Newland, Xuxu Legs Eleven, Mikael Calandra Achode, Dubmorphology

Oct 2nd World debut Jupiter Butterfly Music Special Guest Carol Leeming& The Random Acts of Senseless Beauty of Andrea Kenny & Token Boy Leicester info https://bit.ly/3mOb9WV

12th October BHM Chair Black Arts & Education Panel City Classroom Leicester Cultural Education Partnership https://serendipity-uk.com/events/black-arts-in-education-3/… Leicester

25th -31st October World debut Performance ‘The Dreadful Dance of Ms Iniquity’ new choreopoetry Time to Breathe Festival London Curator Greta Mendez https://www.atimetobreathe.co.uk/line-up

Artists https://www.atimetobreathe.co.uk/line-up

Nov 17th EFG London Jazz Festival Guest Speaker Women in Jazz Media & BLiM (Black Lives in Music) https://bit.ly/3BpF8sSome


A total dream come true… for Carol as she has been been accepted (1000+ applied!!) for the BBC Open Music Programme for 2021-22, as a paid trainee for 12 days over 1 year with a BBC Mentor, Master Classes, plus an opportunity to create a concert for BBC Proms 2022 see article with more information here https://bit.ly/3mHK8nO