Carol Leeming MBE Speaker & Poetry for Black Lives in Music & Women In Jazz Media at EFG London Jazz Festival 2021

Carol Leeming gave a well received talk about her journey, the highs and lows, as a Black woman in the music industry, in particular the Jazz Music sector. Carol’s talk, introduced by Roger Wilson BliM, was well received, by a packed venue at Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club on Nov 17th 2021, who enjoyed the humorous and at times more sombre delivery of the talk. Carol highlighted the barriers Black woman face in the music industry, along with incidents of racism and sexism she personally encountered. As well as peak moments of achievement and success, in England Europe and USA, in performance and hit records success and international touring. Carol concluded her fascinating and informative talk, with with a tribute poem for legendary Jazz Singer titled When Ella Split the Scene. during the performance Carol was painted by renknowned Visual Artist Gina Southgate.

The rousing applause after Carol’s Talk, from the audiences demonstrate their full appreciation of her contribution. It also set the scene, for a scintillating night of Jazz music sets from Jay Phelps, (Carol sang some vocals when he offered the mic by Jay Phelps – making new fans in the process), Daniel Higham and Jaz Kayser – Jazz FM rising Star Award Winner 2021.Overall, everyone felt it was a wonderful night well organised by Fiona Ross and her team fromf Women in Jazz Media-with funds generated from tickets sales being donated to the Mental Health Foundation,


Carol Leeming Directs Acquah & Co. at the Engine Room Omnibus Theatre

Carol Leeming MBE, has recently spent several days devising, R&D with Acquah Company at Omnibus Theatre London, in November, as Director for Acquah Company.The SANKOFA play has a number of hard hitting themes and issues, as well thing a grand sweep of identity and African culture.

Carol worked on the wonderful new play titled SANKOFA, written and performed by talented Nicole Acquah, in preparation for an abridged version for an ENGINE ROOM sharing on November 7.30pm 29/11/21 Omnibus Theatre. The week included work with two gifted musicians Susanna Paiso and Jane Butterfield, to work out the interplay between the performer and the live music/musicians onstage for the piece.

After the ENGINE ROOM sharing plans are afoot for Carol to direct the full production early in the 2022. Look out for further developments here.

Carol Leeming MBE London Triumph with new Choreopoem at A Time to Breathe Festival Oct 26th-31st 2021Curated by Greta Mendez MBE #attb2021 #attbfestival #atimetobreathe

Photo Credit Hana Kovacs Photography

Carol Leeming MBE returned in triumph to the stage, to debut a a new choreopoem, titled ‘The Dreadful Dance of Ms Iiniquity’ written specially for the A Time to Breathe Festival,202 curated by Greta Mendez MBE a pioneering legend of Black Arts. The performances were at the The Theatre formerly Stockwell Playhouse Theatre 208 Wandsworth Rd SW8 2JU. See here: an interview with Carol prior to the performances with Theatre Stop Magazine

The two performances of the chorepoem, during the festival received standing ovations from the audiences. with some particularly strong responses from the audiences a selection follows: One audience member felt moved to write publicly on facebook:

Last night I had the immense honour to witness the inaugural performance of Carol Leeming’s, deeply moving and breathtaking -The Dreadful Dance of Ms Iniquity; the imaginary trial of a fictional black woman who has betrayed her lineage.

Carol staged a tour de force, totally absorbed into her characters, she took the audience on a rollercoaster ride of despair, rebellion and finally hope. 

She bore the magnitude of the struggles of the ancestors; personified the injustices at the heart of the Wlindrush scandal, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Grenfell atrocity; and in doing so, shone like a spiritual beacon for young poets and actors to follow in her wake. In speaking with Carol after the performance, she stated “this is very much a work in progress” and I for one can only wonder in awe at the heights that this already magnum opus can be taken to Floyd Wilson Audience Member

Or other artists in the audience:

It was terrifyingly beautiful, solemn, majestic and edifying. Ray Shell Writer /Director /Actor /Publisher  

I had the pleasure of watching Carol Leeming one woman choreopoem! It was emotional, truthful,and traumatic in parts. You cannot watch this performance and not be moved in some way. Judith Jacob Actor TV /Theatre, Co- Founder Black Theatre Co-op, Bibi Crew, Radio Host Injection

Political Performance Art which uses dance theatre spoken word song to convey Caribbean colonials racism pain and sorrow..powerful`! Michael Jospeh Dancer /Choreographer Lecturer

Important Consultancies successfully concluded: Leicester Black Asian & Ethnic Minority Music Education Network Re-launch & Black Curriculum for Leicester Schools & Arts Organisation

Carol Leeming MBE has concluded two very important, historic consultancies and reports, Firstly for Leicester Music Education Hub to re-launch the Leicester Black Asian & Ethnic Minority Music Education Network. Carol helped to set up this network in 2019, which experienced a hiatus due to COVID 19 Lockdown and Leicester Music Hub major re-structuring. Carol’s tasks also included, to help continue the development of the Leicester Black Asian Ethnic Minority Music Education Network, to address the music education needs, of culturally diverse communities in the city of Leicester. As well to assist with the De-Colonisation of the Music Education Curriculum of the Leicester/shire Music Education Hub, Schools and other partners.

Secondly, was the commission for The City Classroom (an organisation of Leicester Schools & Arts Organisations) Leicester, to scope, collate, information, and learning resources, book lists etc. for Black Curriculum for School Teachers and Arts Organisation Members. To also make contact with the Black Curriculum Organisation in Hackney, with a view to their bespoke services. As well to identify a local Black Professional Cohort of Teachers, Educationalists and Activists working in Black Curriculum. It is hoped, that there will be a city wide conference in the near future. To discuss Black Curriculum with Principals, Head Teachers.Teachers and other interested stakeholders. To discuss the initial steps, as how to embed Back Curriculum in all Leicester schools going forward.

The above projects, are of immense importance at this time. Given the very diverse demographics of the city of Leicester, and the urgent need to better address inequalities, and to offer more cultural diversity, in our cultural education. With special regard also to #Black Lives Matter, it is imperative, at this time for positive action. It is hoped in both the above cases, the recommendations of both reports by Carol, are fully implemented, as a matter of urgency. Along with with the required commitment, substantial investment of financial, and other resources. To make the required demonstrable impact, to address the long standing exclusion, that has been to the detriment of culturally diverse communities in Leicester.