Important Consultancies successfully concluded: Leicester Black Asian & Ethnic Minority Music Education Network Re-launch & Black Curriculum for Leicester Schools & Arts Organisation

Carol Leeming MBE has concluded two very important, historic consultancies and reports, Firstly for Leicester Music Education Hub to re-launch the Leicester Black Asian & Ethnic Minority Music Education Network. Carol helped to set up this network in 2019, which experienced a hiatus due to COVID 19 Lockdown and Leicester Music Hub major re-structuring. Carol’s tasks also included, to help continue the development of the Leicester Black Asian Ethnic Minority Music Education Network, to address the music education needs, of culturally diverse communities in the city of Leicester. As well to assist with the De-Colonisation of the Music Education Curriculum of the Leicester/shire Music Education Hub, Schools and other partners.

Secondly, was the commission for The City Classroom (an organisation of Leicester Schools & Arts Organisations) Leicester, to scope, collate, information, and learning resources, book lists etc. for Black Curriculum for School Teachers and Arts Organisation Members. To also make contact with the Black Curriculum Organisation in Hackney, with a view to their bespoke services. As well to identify a local Black Professional Cohort of Teachers, Educationalists and Activists working in Black Curriculum. It is hoped, that there will be a city wide conference in the near future. To discuss Black Curriculum with Principals, Head Teachers.Teachers and other interested stakeholders. To discuss the initial steps, as how to embed Back Curriculum in all Leicester schools going forward.

The above projects, are of immense importance at this time. Given the very diverse demographics of the city of Leicester, and the urgent need to better address inequalities, and to offer more cultural diversity, in our cultural education. With special regard also to #Black Lives Matter, it is imperative, at this time for positive action. It is hoped in both the above cases, the recommendations of both reports by Carol, are fully implemented, as a matter of urgency. Along with with the required commitment, substantial investment of financial, and other resources. To make the required demonstrable impact, to address the long standing exclusion, that has been to the detriment of culturally diverse communities in Leicester.


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