In Her Strength Theatre Company London- Leicester R&D Monologues Women & Homelessness

Carol Leeming was commissioned thy in Her Strength Company, to produce sound design for recorded filmed monologues and for live sound design for R&D Scratch performance of Monologues on the theme of Women & Homelessness to a specially invited audience with Q& A afterwards at the Y Theatre Leicester.

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East Midlands Women Awards Shine Network

Carol Leeming MBE FRSA lead an East Midlands Women’s Award Shine Network Session talking about leadership, self care health and well being. As well as highlighting key milestones in her own creative business journey and the lessons learned, and shared valuable insights with members gathered. It was also an opportunity for her to talk about the East Midlands Women’s Awards and how it can benefit women, as Carol was a previous winner of the Outstanding Women in Arts Media & Music Award. Just how this benefits a woman’s self esteem , confidence and your business overall