Wolde Selaise: RIP Honoured by Leicester City Lord Mayor as Special Citizen for Contribution to the Community

On the 28th February 2023, at Leicester Town Hall, Wolde Selaisse’s Family members were delighted, along with Carol Leeming MBE FRSA to attend Afternoon Tea, with George Cole the Lord Mayor of Leicester. To receive the award, the honour of a certificate, for Wolde Selaisee RIP for his special contribution to the community of Leicester. Wolde Selaisse, is most fondly remembered, and was an active member and organiser, in the African Caribbean Community.

Wolde undertook many different roles, with many achievements, in service of the community. Wolde was a strong, political community activist for many years. As well as being an accomplished poet, performer, and teacher for what her termed Africology and Black History. With other roles,, Lecturer, in Academia, Curator, Archivist and Entrepreneur.

Wolde was a committed Rastafarian, and well-travelled, visiting Jamaica as a poet and as an Ambassador to Zimbabwe and South Africa for Rastafarian organisations. To assist in community activities in those countries. Wolde conducted African libations ceremonies, and was a champion for Black Arts, Artists regionally at Arts Training Central, and Mainstream Partnership, also nationally eg as Caribbean Focus Coordinator for Leicester.


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