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Carol Leeming FRSA Chair Symposium: Re-Imagining Fredrick Coles Bodleian Library Oxford University


Carol Leeming FRSA at Bodleian Library Oxford University

Carol Leeming FRSA, during Black History Month 2018 , was appointed by Black Oxford  Untold Stories led by Pamela Roberts FRSA,  to be the Chair for a fascinating Symposium at Bodleian  Library on the Fredrick Cole of  Sierra Leone , the first ever Black Oxford Scholar in the 1900’s.

Pamela Roberts of Black Oxford Untold Stories,  firstly, outlined the paucity and inappropriateness of  images available,eg caricature of Fredrick Cole, ie. of such an important and significant Scholar, to have graduated at Oxford University.  A plaque of Fredrick Cole was unveiled in the previous year, opposite the Law Faculty at Oxford University, attend by Pamela Roberts and Oxford University dignitaries.  The Symposium panel consisted various academics, creative practitioners,  who referred to the negative images of Africa past and present, eg. racist caricature of Cole, Oxford University archive of publications of caricatures of the period, Fredrick Cole’s life at Oxford, Portraiture of Black Success, and making and erecting Statues. The event included a brief dramatic performance by two actors, who brought Fredrick Cole and a University rival to life, in a recorded argument they both had. There was also a lively discussion with attendees and many useful suggestions offered from the audience, as to the ways of moving forward, to best honor the legacy of Fredrick Cole in Oxford and beyond.





Double Whammy! Carol Leeming Special Guest Speeches: For Leicester Everybodys’ Reading Festival 2018 & Leicester Black History Month Launch 2018

Carol Leeming had a busy night of it, giving speeches firstly, alongside Leicester Author and Patron Bali Rai of the Leicesters’ Everybodys Reading  Festival at the Central library.  With Carol then going on afterwards to give a speech and poem, for the  launch of Serendipitys’ Black History Month Launch at 2 Queens which featured a performance by Zimbabwean artist Nora Chipuire now based in NYC.




Carol Leeming FRSA Commissioned Poetry for East Midlands Women Awards Ceremony Leicester



Carol Leeming  FRSA was commissioned to write and perform poetry, for the East Midlands Women Awards Event 2018, by Sandra Pollock founder, of the prestigious  East Midlands Women’s Event. Carol was a winner of the Outstanding Women in Arts Music & Media  Award, sponsored by Dluxe magazine in 2017. So Carol was thrilled to take part in the event, in its second year  with a notable increase in interest and attendance across the East Midlands region. The event celebrates the wonderful achievements of Women, from all backgrounds and walks of life, from business, arts culture, academia and the voluntary sector.

Carol wrote and performed her poem Against All Odds a concrete poem, that on the page mirrors the hard won steps, women make to achieve their dreams and ambitions in life. The poem was received most warmly. with Carol receiving numerous compliments thereafter. Attendees are encouraged to nominate women  now from across the region and to look forward, with some keen anticipation to next years event.

Carol Leeming Appointed Dialect Coach For Memoirs of Asian Football Casual Production Curve Theatre


In September Carol Leeming FRSA, was appointed by Nikolai Foster at Curve for the production of Memoirs  of An Asian Football Coach a play written by Douglas Irvine adapted from the memoir of Riza Khan, now a reformed member of the notorious Baby Squad Gang , Riaz is  now a De Montfort University Lecturer in Leicester.

Carol’s role was to support the two leading actors, to deliver credible Leicester accents. Utilizing her skills as an actor herself and vocal coach, but also a full knowledge and understanding of the very unique Leicester dialect. Carol found the actors, enthusiastic and quick to learn, they absorbed much of what Carol was able to offer them. Carol found the whole process fun and enjoyable. The whole production was a resounding success, with rave reviews from audience members, many from first timers to the theatre and press alike.   Carol’s successful work was affirmed when some of the ex members of the Baby Squad who came to see the show, vouched for the authenticity of the accents. Carol’s contribution was notable highlighted  in a favourable  review article of the show in the Leicester Mercury.




Music Director 2 Funky Project Live 2018

Carol Leeming FRSA lead artist with Dare to Diva is delighted to be re appointed as Music Director for 2 Funky Arts Project Live Leicester, led by Vijay Mistry , it is a project working with cohort of of mid career Urban music artists, and two professional session music bands. Carol will mentor and develop the artists to take them to the next level with their music and performance.  The artists will also access Master Classes from music industry professionals in Intellectual Copyright, Business Development, Songwriting and Performance skills. Carol work with the artists and bands, to produce a live showcase of the artists, for Music industry professionals to attend, and record and produce at HQ Studios Leicester,  a Group compilation album of the artists, for promotional purposes only.

Curve Live!! 10th Birthday Celebration Concert Stellar Artists -A Mega Success & Brilliant Debut of New Poem by Carol Leeming Inspired this Ground Breaking Theatre

On Sunday August 26th 2018, Curve theatre, led by Chris Stafford and Nikolai Foster with their fantastic Curve Team, celebrated its 10th Birthday with an epic Concert of Music,  Dance and Drama, for a live audience of 1,500 (live stream internet audience also courtesy of PRS/PPL) in the round. This featured a stunning array of stars from Stage & TV, e.g. Sam Bailey, Jodie Prenger(Host), Lucie Jones(Host), Anton Stephans, Melanie La Barrie, Mark Peachey, Amara Okereke, Dex Lee, Stewart Clarke, Djalenga Scott,Dan Burton, Alyshia Dhakk, Alex Parker,Nathaniel Landskroner, Jessica Paul,  Sheep Soup, Molly Lynch.  Most of  whom featured in the many successful shows over the years at Curve. In addition there were other associated marvelous local artists onstage e.g. Akash Odedra, Curve Young Company, Over 55’s Dance Company and Carol Leeming Dare to Diva company. All in all the event was a total  triumph, a magical memorable, wondrous evening was enjoyed by all.

Carol’s contribution, to this celebratory party,  was to read a poem titled Curve Leicester- An Undulating Though , which she had written specially to celebrate Curve’s 10th Birthday.  This poem and her reading of it was very well received by the audience, who were so very quiet,  as Carol spoke in the poem passionately of Curve: the building, its people and their work, and what she felt about all of that. Carol received many compliments on the poem, her reading of it and her eye catching afrocentric attire. From Curve Staff members, both artistic and technical, alongside young people from CYC (Curve Young Company) and audience members, With many of them commenting the poem had really captured something about Curve in a very unique and special way. Much to Carol’s delight, she said of the “I felt so honoured,  humbled to take part in this incredible concert, alongside so many hugely talented artists, with the biggest audience I have ever had for my poetry such a pleasure.”

The show ended with some words of thanks from Chris Stafford and Nikolai Foster, for the continued support of funders Arts Council England, Leicester City Council and importantly Hastings Direct, who sponsored the entire evenings event, which enabled FREE Tickets for the audience. Followed by Happy birthday song pyrotechnics and rendition of This Is Me. (The Greatest Showman Film) sung by Lucie Jones being joined by the entire team of artists that took part in the show.  The feel good feelings were felt throughout the building, spilling over into an animated, euphoric atmosphere of the After Party in the Foyer Bar. An unforgettable night that paves the way for even bigger success and bright future for Curve.







Carol Leeming FRSA Commissioned To Read Her New Poem for Curve Live! -Curves’ 10th Birthday Celebration Event 2018

Multi-Award winning Leicester born Carol Leeming FRSA Poet Playwright and Artistic Director of Dare to Diva, is delighted and very honoured, to have been commissioned by Nikolai Foster Curve Artistic Director to write, and read a poem specially for the Curve Live! -Curve 10th Birthday Celebrations event for the people of Leicester,on  Sunday August 26th 7pm at the theatre in Leicester.

Carol says,  “I was humbled, and inspired to write a poem about a unique visionary building, the people who work there,  the audiences and what I think is some of its impact, as well as importantly, how I felt about all those things. I am so very excited, and really grateful as I would have my biggest live and online audience ever ” Carol says she will also feature in a BBC Midlands Today TV broadcast 6.30pm Tuesday Sept 28th 2018 focusing on Curve 10th Birthday and its impact and legacy.

Carol Leeming, debuts her poem at the event, the title to be revealed exclusively, at the event, with Curve transformed into an epic in -the- round arena, for a huge seated audience of 1,500.  Tickets were available free, as a lottery, on a first come serve basis, which resulted in 4,000 people applying- with all tickets being allocated very quickly. It is planned for the event to be live streamed also. The free tickets for the event was made possible by generous sponsorship of Hasting Direct.

This stellar one off free event , features hosts and performances from Lucie Jones (Ellie Woods Curves 2001 hit musical Legally Blonde)  Jodie Prenger (who appeared at the theatre in Calamity Jane)  along with Sam Bailey (X Factor) and a host of other stars and celebrities from TV & Stage, theatrical stars and friends of Curve performances, from many of the successful musical shows Curve has presented over the years.