New Music Poetry Video Production For Carol Leeming Dare to Diva & Rob Gurney Digital Mechanic

IMG_2448We are excited to announce news, that Carol Leeming Dare to Diva Productions have teamed up with Rob Gurney  Digital Mechanic . To jointly produce a new video for Carol Leeming to showcase, her  singer songwriting and poetry  prowess. The video is  a new collaboration and is Directed by Carol Leeming Dare to Diva productions with Rob Gurney Video Production at Digital Mechanic.

The one day shoot on April 10th 2016  was based indoors in the Cultural Quarter area of Leicester. With a team made up of members of Seven Five Film organisation, Ketna Butron Make Up, Dawn Rose Continuity & Costume Props,  Jon Ellison Assistant Camera and Paddy Hodgkinson Music & Sound.

Carol choose to work with Rob, as she a had liked some of his  previous work, both still and moving images,  of local bands and other artists in Leicester.  After a  fruitful meeting at the Phoenix Cafe , they soon realised they were able to communicate very well to each other,  their own creative and artistic ideas. The project is currently in post production and  watch this space for further news and developments


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