Carol Leeming at TEDx Cosmocular Ensemble at Curve Leicester

At Curve at the well attended TEDx  Event Leicester October 26th,Carol Leeming performed, with engaging lively film visuals produced by Amanda Leandro, as part of  the Cosmocular Music Ensemble a multi-cultural outfit of Leicester based musicians.  Carol  performed original music composed by her, Miranda Booth and Richard Everiitt, commissioned by Amanda Leandro of Cosmopolitan Festival. The music and lyrics in particular of the song One Love Carol says ‘is a song for troubling times and to help refocus’. The performances were well received and the Cosmocular Ensemble members include Richard Everitt  Lead Composer, Miranda Booth Harp & Co-composer,  Mike Sole Piano Keyboards, Will Todd Bass Hari Trevedi Tablas and Malcolm D’Sa, al were  put together by Artistic Director Amanda Leandro, as such they all look forward to further performances by the Ensemble and film screenings in the future


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